First thing first

Properly launching an exceptional yacht club takes exceptional action on the part of the Commodore (me). The very first obligation will be to christen an original cocktail worthy of the AYC. For this, we (me) employ the skill & imagination of the distinguished Kevin M on his last evening of managing a fine restaurant fronting Lake Washington in Leschi.

While walking our pure breeds one morning, Kevin recalled a story of an acquaintance belonging to the esteemed Newport Yacht Club in Rhode Island. He then spun the yarn about an annual event at the club where as members toast champagne to one another while uttering the posh, upper class expression “la di da” in their best British or Thurston Howell III accent. Well now, La di da indeed sounds like a really swell idea for the official AYC cocktail but… will the actual concoction be worthy???

To test and approve the cocktail, Kevin has invited your Commodore (me) and my wife to wet our whistle tomorrow on an original drink he will be serving us during his farewell evening at the restuarant. A life time membership is riding on the results.

Good luck Kevin


To be continued…

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