La di da…La deeee daaaa

We now have our first member (other than me). Kevin M or as he’s now addressed, #2, knocked it out of the marina with the AYC cocktail challenge.

20160303_190943Kevin nails down the male version of the La di da with a blend of whiskeys which I must say, puts the MAN in Manhattan. The official AYC drink for the ladies featured gin and is served with a certain type of inflection (La deeeee daaaaah) which implies “aren’t you a fine looking morsel!”.

Along with the tasty h’orderves and impeccable service, several rough drafts were presented as ideas for the AYC burgee and logo. With the enormous amount of prestige a properly designed burgee can bestow on the AYC, this task will not be taken lightly. We just might have to consult with the ever talented Von Klink for more ideas. Did I mention another life time membership is riding on the winning submission?

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