AYC goes down under…

With the membership bar set to such lofty levels, qualified candidates are far and few between. However, one particular resume’ did happen to peak my interest. This particular candidate was willing to prove their muster over an ocean passage from Noumea New Caledonia to Bundaberg Australia. I was skeptical yet encouraged by the notoriously liberal Commie-door of the Dumb Fuckers Yacht Club to consider their sea-worthiness and join them all down under.

The complimentary flight was long but so was the standing rigging on the boats moored near our first night’s lodging at the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. Not entirely certain where the term “Cruising” made it’s way into this yacht club’s name given that most boats tethered here are sponsored racing sleds that compete in the Sydney to Hobart regatta.

img_6410Sadly for them, I did not extend an invitation to reciprocate with the AYC.

After touching down in Noumea, our new candidates promptly met us at the airport on the frenchy side of customs. So far, so good I’d say. Upon being escorted to the marina, I pondered to myself what type of sailing vessel would a husband & wife team hailing by the names of Chris & Chris own? My wild guess was a C&C. I was correct. A sleek & properly fitted C&C 49 named was to be my home for the next couple of weeks.


Scintilla’s poop deck is affectionately named the “trailer park” when underway (not seen in this pic is “the bowl”)

Now this voyage wouldn’t be my first out to sea with no land in sight. It would however be this Commodores first voyage without seeing land because of fog. Yes indeed, there were to be many firsts but one loomed so large in particular it curled the salty lips of both commodores. While enjoying some fine scotch on the eve of departure, Admiral Chris(tine) calmly states  “oh,by the way fellas, Scintilla is a DRY boat when under way”. Gulp


Part 2 (if they make it that far) to follow…




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